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  14. This goes both ways, males can be notoriously selfish, self-centered and shallow… just like many women are. I should know. The only thing males wanted from me was a female friend to whom to talk to when they were trying to figure out the object of their current lust. This translated into no sex or kissing until I met my now husband because, well, any approaches I got were from drunk males (friends and otherwise). My sins? being too tall in a world in which males are 5’9″ or shorter, and somewhat overweight (20lbs. or so at my prime). I was good enough to talk to, and good enough to call when they were bored … never good enough for a date, though. Too tall, too big, not fitting the standard of beauty, so there you go. I am too much the Type A though, I never allowed that (though I was very tempted) to bring me too far down.
  16. I met my husband when I was well into my 30s (36) online. Where? Text-based, real time RPG (role play game). I am a gamer WOMAN (I make a distinction on purpose). I like gadgets, I like MMOs. I don’t like console games. In the end, it made sense that I met him in such type of environment. I know many other gaming WOMEN and GIRLS out there. Some are quite pretty, others are average looking like the vast majority of the population out there is. Some are slim, some are overweight. Many like being single.
  18. Suggestions: start socializing in gaming forums. Start socializing OUT OF THE HOUSE as well. Learn the art of small talk. Everyone gets bored by things that don’t interest them, so don’t think that that makes you unique, because it doesn’t. However, if you want to meet new people and maybe a nice, pretty girl, you have to learn to listen, even if it bores you. I know I don’t give a damn about sports (I was lucky, as the husband doesn’t either) but I read newspapers/news to be aware of, at least, what was going with scores. A nominal knowledge of a variety of subjects will help you deal with the small talk. NEVER EVER, try to discuss political issues, social issues, and heavy subjects. Nothing is more offputting to most females than a male going into heavy subjects (leave heavy subjects for when you are already into a relationship). My husband’s best friend is going to die a lonely man (he’s 46) because he doesn’t have a clue how to have a conversation without getting into controversial discussions. I stopped talking to him 5 years ago for that very reason, and mind you, I am the forgiving sort and this is my husband’s best friend we are talking about.

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