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  1. Chat started
  2. Secretlab Concierge
  3. Hi there! We noticed that you've been browsing for a while. Do you need any help picking an item?
  4. Please provide us with your name and email address for us to contact you in the event we get disconnected. Thank you!
  6. Anna
  8. I'm 5'2" (157cm) 130 lbs (59kg) and my desk is 27" (68cm) tall.  I've been using a cheap Amazon basics office chair while WFH and the only good thing about it is that my feet can be fully on the floor.
  10. When I worked in the office, they bought a bunch of regular sized Secretlabs Titan and DX Racer chairs for our workstations (most of my coworkers are big boys) and those were far too big for me.  My feet couldn't touch the floor and then the armrests hit me in the middle of my upper arm a few inches past my elbow.
  12. I work 12 hour shifts as a webhosting support tech and I'd like to invest in a quality chair that's on my scale.  I've been looking at the Titan XXS, would that be a good fit for me?
  14. Felipe joined the chat
  15. Felipe
  17. Hi Anna,
  18. Thank you for contacting Secretlab.
  19. avatar
  20. Hi Felipe
  22. Felipe
  23. Due to the size of the chair and it being a collectible, some functions found on the TITAN Evo 2022 such as the full-metal 4D armrests with CloudSwap™ Replacement System, magnetic side covers and multi-tilt mechanism are not present on the TITAN XXS.
  25. Instead of the Magnetic memory foam head pillow, the XXS comes with a 2020 head pillow with adjustable elastic straps.
  27. As per your measurements, I believe the best chair fit for you would be the Titan 2022 Evo Small.
  29. Anna
  30. My main concern with a regular sized adult chair (even a smaller one) is that my feet need to be fully on the floor.  And the height recommendation is 5'6" on the small.
  32. Felipe
  33. Well, the distance on 2022 small from the floor to the seatbase on it's lowest/highest setting would be for 17.7"/20.5", would that meet your needs?
  35. Anna
  36. I just measured my current chair and it's 15" from the floor to the seatbase
  38. Felipe
  39. So the 2022 Small would be good for you right?
  40. In that case you could definitely go with the XXS instead, although is a 1:2 scale model and many of the features present on 2022 are not on XXS as I mentioned
  42. Anna
  43. I don't need a lot of features, I don't think, and almost 18" would probably be too tall.  If you're not a short person, you probably don't understand how it is with fitting into furniture that's always too large.  What's the seatbase min/max on the XXS?
  45. Felipe
  46. The floor to seatbase on XXS would be:  
  48. Min: 12.0"  
  50. Max: 14.0"
  52. Anna
  53. Hmm, that's a bit lower than my current 15" but I think 17.7" would be too tall.  Thanks for the information, I'll consider this some more.  You've been very helpful, thank you.
  55. Felipe
  56. Anytime! Is my pleasure, having said that, is there anything else I may assist you with today?
  58. Anna
  59. I do have "womanly" hips, what's the seat width on the XXS?
  61. Felipe
  62. The width of the seatbase is for 10.6" (excluding the sides, like the wings)
  64. Anna
  65. Hmm, that's pretty small.  But I just raised my current chair to only 17" and this is way too tall for me
  67. Felipe
  68. The 17" would be the lowest setting on 2022 Small
  69. Perhaps you would be better off with the XXS, as the minimum height for that one is for 12.0"
  71. Anna
  72. I'm wondering about my butt fitting into the seat, have you heard of regular adult women (not fat, just regular sized) fitting OK in the seat of an XXS?
  74. Felipe
  75. Not really, to be honest the XXS chair is not purchased very often due to it's size. I would be unable to advise :( I apologize for that
  77. Ana
  78. Sitting down, I'm taking up about 14" on the seat
  80. Felipe
  81. You could perhaps look for some reviews online on that chair
  83. Anna
  84. Yeah, I found a youtube video of a small child in the XXS and it was hard to tell
  85. So I guess there's not another chair in another model that's between the small and the XXS?
  86. The important thing is I can't go higher than 15" from the floor
  88. Felipe
  89. Outside XXS, the smallest chair we have would be the 2022 Small, we unfortunately don't have a size in between both size denominations, I apologize for the inconveniences
  90. The only chair that can have you under 15" from the floor would be the XXS
  92. Anna
  93. Chat rated Good
  94. OK, thanks, Felipe, I think that's it for now.  You've been very helpful with providing measurements.  Thumbs up!

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