Long-Distance Love

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  11. esmee
  12. wrote on February 11 2010 @ 08:50 am: [report]
  14. maybe in time…i think there are too many emotions involved though…way too complicated.
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  18. QT-Sneezy
  19. wrote on February 11 2010 @ 09:29 am: [report]
  21. I think there’s a huge grey zone between being courteous; ie maintaining a respectful link versus being all out buddy-buddy-friends. What defines the grey zones is i believe the topic of discussion.
  23. As a general rule, girls I have dated (or slept with) in the past, were ones who had qualities & values i respected, hence the exploration of a potential future (and loved, too). The mere fact that that relationship fails oughtn’t mean she will cease to remain who she was before she met me. If anything, a better person because of the lessons learned during the course of the relationship.
  25. So i have found myself maintaining a healthy, respectful cordial relationship with girls i’ve dated in the past. Not all out friends - one of my exes i saw at a party brought her current SO to meet and greet. I introduced my SO at the time (note; introductions were NEVER; meet my ex. It was always, X, meet Y, an old friend. Y, meet X, my novio).
  27. I will not seek to hang out on a 1-on-1 basis with an ex, however occasional friendly emails here and there, i do do. At the same time, i won’t avoid a general area merely because i think an ex will be in said locale. That makes for awkward moments and unnecessary life altering steps for me; too much work.
  29. It is never an easy path to go down, however I think because i have remained respectful even through and after the breakup portion, I have reaped the benefits of it being returned.
  31. *wow that was long-winded. Mea culpa*

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