Decoding Men Online Dating Behavior

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  11. 1.      watsgood52 says:
  12. June 5, 2010 at 2:38 am
  13. Here is my experience when browsing through matches. I am not very hesitant to message women, of any race. I message them all, some of them I don’t even find very appealing, but I do it anyway because I haven’t once met anyone through online dating and would like to try it. Here are some of the things I have noticed… (I’m a 5’10″, Pakistani male, decent body build, 21 years old, and a college student)
  14. - I don’t draw as much interest from black girls on okcupid as I do in person.
  15. This one is surprising to me, because outside girls of my own race (pakistani, indian, some middle eastern), I feel like I draw the most interest from black girls. I kinda look like Drake and they dig it haha. My theory is that in person I convey pretty easily that I’m a self-confident guy who can handle himself, where as online the stereotype of the weak, nerdy Asian male may be applied to me. I think black girls prefer a more rugged man.
  16. - I don’t even bother messaging white 9s or 10s anymore.
  17. On a scale of 1-10, the ones I would rate 9s or 10s are the ones who are obviously really hot, well educated and witty. Black/middle eastern/white, a sexy girl is a sexy girl to me and I wouldn’t have any hesitation to date any race 9 or 10. But I don’t message the white 9s or 10s anymore because they WILL NOT RESPOND.
  18. Regardless of how well we match and how well thought out and witty my message was. The white ones will simply not respond. Black and middle eastern ones will (even if it ends up not going anywhere, they at the least acknowledge my effort lol).

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