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  1. https://twipla.jp/events/488356
  2. https://newnationnews.org/out.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Floveawake.com
  3. https://www.o-detstve.ru/users/127525/articles/170852-sovety-pri-zapolnenii-ankety-na-sajte-znakomstv.html
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  7. https://www.babyweb.cz/uzivatele/s6126380619e9c
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  9. https://envaya.org/epcsltd/topic/127453
  10. https://www.wikiful.com/@okcupid/girls-and-guys-who-spit-in-public/girls-who-protect-their-territory
  11. https://es.anuncios.inhosti.com/personales/mujer-busca-hombre/5-ways-to-make-date-night-fit-in-your-budget_i4516
  12. https://xephula.com/blogs/485795/The-Good-The-Bad-The-Ugly-of-Online-Dating
  14. I do reject the idea however that the majority of individuals would still not desire a fair, transparent and just patriarch-state… who whilst he could make mistakes and has many powers, still errs on the side of mercy and doles out more generosity than punishment.
  16. A society that doesn’t use the brains, energy and talent of 50% of its population is not going to compete well in the 21st century
  17. I don’t think women have lesser opportunities than men in terms of education, perhaps even allowing variabilities across class. The full potential of women as economically active however is not tapped into, since the average woman would prefer full to part-time family life to full working life.
  19. I can’t be sure what’s happening across all sectors in all Arab nations, but I generally don’t think brains/energy/talent are being totally underexploited, just directed to domestic issues and what would be considered traditionally female professions.
  22. maurice PERMALINK
  23. April 3, 2011 12:08 am
  24. The article was an op-ed in the WSJ of an interview with Bernard Lewis, in Saturday’s paper. So it’s behind a pay wall. I’ll see if I can find a ‘free’ copy. And yes, @DF, the 50%-of-talent argument is not new, but I had never seen it linked explicitly to the political order before.
  26. also, in first sentence of above comment: frieNd not fried. typo.

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