Getting closer to the pandemic bread ideal

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  1. This is still a work in progress for pandemic bread, not for novices.  But this seemed to work well, I've been trying to get the proportions right.  The point is to not have any perishable ingredients, but still have a good dairy flavor and soft texture like from milk and butter.
  3. The goal is a light, fine grained texture that's soft, yet sturdy enough for sandwiches (either rolls or loaf bread) or even pizza.  Easy to throw together if I'm feeling sad or overwhelmed.  And then it's not a big commitment of food stores, so if you somehow manage to ruin it, it's not a big waste.
  5. Tangzhong is a method to make bread softer and fluffier.  Basically, cook a paste of flour and water in a little saucepan on the stove.
  7. Tangzhong
  8.     2 TBS dried whole milk powder
  9.     1/2 c water
  10.     3 TBS Flour
  12. Whisk constantly over heat in a little saucepan till it's like pudding.  Set aside.
  14. Sift all this together into your mixer bowl
  16.     2 1/2 c Flour
  17.     3 TBS dried whole milk powder
  18.     2 TBS butter powder
  19.     1 tsp salt
  20.     2 TBS sugar
  21.     3 tsp yeast
  23. Whisk more water into the cooling Tangzhong saucepan till smooth
  25.     3/4 c water
  27. Dump the saucepan into the flour mixture and stir that around till moistened.  Let rest for 20 mins or so, that makes it easier to knead (even though my mixer does the work).
  29. Knead with the dough hook for 10 mins or so, keep an eye on it.
  31. It might be kind of goopy still, that's OK.
  33. Cover and chill in the fridge overnight
  35. What I like about this is it's a smaller recipe, it's not "start with dumping 7 cups of flour into a bowl."  And then the dough seems to mature over a few days.  So the rolls you bake on the first day will be different than the little loaf you bake on the third day.
  37. Then tear off what you want to bake (I usually do a couple of little sandwich rolls at a time) over the next few days.
  39. Bake at 375, I'm not gonna tell you about the second rise since this isn't for novices.

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