What Women Really Think About Dating American Men

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  13. For men in majority non-white countries, white women are attractive because they are seen as ‘exotic’. For women in majority non-white countries, white men are attractive because they are seen as ‘superior’. Most Hispanic women, given the choice of men of equal emotional and economic attributes and what they idealize in their profiles, will most likely choose the European-looking male. Most Hispanic men in South American countries will be attracted to white women (exotic factor), but are open to women of any other group that shows some interest, men will look at hips, legs, buttocks, breast…
  15. Now, white women in the town where I’m at, seem to be more inclined towards black men. Many of these women refuse to engage in a conversation with non-blacks. Equally, black males have a bigger inclination towards white women in my area. This also could be due to the fact that black women that take care of themselves physically of this area tend to leave this area for the bigger cities.
  17. Overall, I do agree with this study. (That and the picture thing explains why nobody has made first contact with me and why nobody has replied to my messages even when they were well written.)
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