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  1. Hi Bootsy,
  3. Wow, you're the first "real" person to find this.  I had a problem with Russian spammers a few months ago, that's the only activity other than my friends and me thus far.
  5. Sorry for the belated reply, but I haven't checked my pastebin in a while.
  7. Curious as to what kind of Google search it was.
  9. Yes, we are a friend group.  Do you know about OLPC?  The One Laptop Per Child project from about a decade ago that kind of fizzled out?  The little green Linux laptops.
  13. I live in Birmingham, AL, which was the largest US deployment.  I've been working with Linux since the turn of the century, so I volunteered to help.  As a part of that, I set up a "schoolserver" for testing and part of that was a chat server.  So, I invited folks to join and test with me.  A lot of the users were from the G1G1 (give one get one) program, so they joined from their XOs.
  15. Over a decade later, I'm working in web hosting support and there's still a little core group of a few of us still on my chat server.  I moved it from hosting it on an old Dell "schoolserver" in my house to a Digital Ocean droplet.
  17. Since it's relatively easy for me to host stuff nowadays, I throw up new things every now and then, this pastebin was one.  I happened to buy on a lark and thought it might be a good use for it for us to share things on a pastebin.  I asked around at work and Stikked had some recommendations.
  19. I run the servers for our friend group.  I'm an English major, btw, lol.
  21. It's good to hear from a real person on the internet!  You can email me at anna at if you'd like to find out more about our little group.

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