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  11. There you have it, the way to stand out in a suit comes down to the attention in detail you pay putting the suit together to go out. If you’re the type of guy who thinks the only optional thing about a suit is the color of the tie then you are one not grown enough to be wearing said suit. Besides tie/shirt combo, cufflink/watch, Tie bar, tie clip, and even tailoring. There are plenty of ways to add details to your suit that make them all your own. But the easiest way to make yourself stand out in a suit is to add a white pocket square. Amazingly I’ve found this one accessory will get you more compliments than anything else you wear with your suit. Why because in DC nobody else does it.
  13. I started last year when I bought my khaki suit. At first the suit felt extremely boring with just a white oxford on. The square made the suit seem brighter and balanced and if I chose to put a youngster flip and wear white converse or throwback Adidas even better. Since then I found myself reaching for it with every sport jacket or suit I wore. I just didn’t feel complete without it. I liked how it had the power to take my old suits to the next level and seem brand new.
  15. (they used to do this all day everyday)
  17. browne-2.jpg
  19. Now I know it can get intimidating when you think about how you’re going to fold your square. Don’t make it complicated, it’s not an origami project, here are some simple instructions. Now the secret is when you get the square just how you want it, iron with starch on the edges. Then use two or three white note cards and place inside the square. This will help keep the square frame well into your forth Jack and coke when things start to get messy.

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