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  8. the interesting thing about that exchange is that i’ve personally made up my mind about you. as far as i’m concerned, you’re well worth my time– which is why i spontaneously came over to have a beer with you in the first place. for my part, i can read you as well as i need to. i get your jokes. i enjoy your company. i have few doubts about the guy behind the provocative virtual personality. but then, i’m only one girl.
  10. that question came up when we started joking about setting you up with my friends (or my sister, for that matter). the fact is, there’s something fundamental about your real-life/online duality that suggests maybe you don’t want to be predictable or consistent– and that makes me hesitate to assume you’re going to treat some rando girl the same way i’ve gotten used to you treating me. just because i happen to be comfortable with the way you are doesn’t mean i’ll necesssarily recommend you to any girl i know.
  12. to use a car methaphor: i trust the way you drive, because i’ve driven with you a few times. i also know what i’m comfortable with and we’ve reached some level of predictability regarding how we’ll both respond to each other’s reactions. but maybe i put my buddy in the passenger seat, and she is less assertive or more whiny or whatever than me– maybe you’ll feel the need to show off for her or put her in the trunk or stop the car in a deserted parking lot and try to cop a feel of her nibbly bits. i love it when you duct tape my mouth, but with other girls, i mean… you never know.

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